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Portuguese_Tutor from Rio de Janeiro
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Username: Portuguese_Tutor
Cost per hour: US$ 25.00
Speaks: Portuguese
Teaches: Portuguese
Teaching Level: Beginner
Paypal: Yes
Relationship status: In a relationship
Gender: Female
Age: 2014
Country: Brazil  (GMT - 3)
City: Rio de Janeiro
Hobbies & interests:
Listening to music, all water sports, the sea and practising languages on Fluentfuture
Poetry, literature and computers.
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OLE, OLE TORITO, Who have pets?
added on 06.11.2010
Can anybody help me to understand the use of WERE in following sentence: "It is high time a world code WERE created to reduce this senseless waste." Thank you so much.
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janifa janifa Hi how you doing? I Am just learning more about this site and i came across your profile, It sound interesting and i like it and i would love to be your friends and learn more about you,SO you can email me on .....janifazamba@yahoo.com
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Portuguese_Tutor Portuguese_Tutor Hi everyone! :) Brazilians are, currently, celebrating Carnival, throughout the country. The Samba Schools Parade is awesome, very colourful and exuberant! Carnival period started today and it will last until Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras in Brazil is called "Terça-feira Gorda". Desejo um excelente feriado de Carnaval para todos os brasileiros. :)
March 05 at 07:30pm
Portuguese_Tutor commented on the exercise Help with an English idiom and the verb by Portuguese_Tutor
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Portuguese_Tutor commented on the exercise Help with an English idiom and the verb by Portuguese_Tutor
November 09 at 12:56pm