Fluent Future
About Us


fluentfuture is a community-based language exchange platform. You can learn languages for free by using our database to make contact with members wishing to learn your language or you can choose to pay for lessons by a teacher accredited by the fluentfuture rating system for individual lessons.

We now have 16,000+ members who aggregately speak 40 different languages and the number continues to grow rapidly by the day.

We aim to minimise the cost of learning a new language by supporting language exchange and by encouraging online tutoring by professional teachers and volunteers through readily available 3rd party tools such as Skype.

Language exchange not only reduces the hassle and travel costs compared to traditional face to face tuition, it can form a basis for relationships of genuine reciprocity where students are taught by native speakers whilst international teachers can earn competitive and internationally aligned rates for their services.

Using the people page, and search filters, you can find exact profiles of teachers at the right cost and review their received feedback from other members about their teaching.

Responsible Citizenship

fluentfuture believes strongly in social responsibility & expanding access to language education.

Our pilot project code-named Project Teresopolis is now in the midst of being launched where fluentfuture volunteers are offering online language tuition to children from poor families in Teresopolis, Brazil to improve their future prospects.

We hope you will find fluentfuture to be increasingly useful as we continue to improve our services & offers.

If you have any feedback, please let us know!


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