Fluent Future
General Guidelines

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General Guidance

  • Registration is free on fluentfuture.

  • fluentfuture does not charge for lessons.

  • fluentfuture does not collect membership fees.

  • Any agreement for lessons is therefore strictly between students & teachers.

  • Any deviation from standard practice is to be agreed between students & teachers.

  • For consistency, we recommend using Skype for audio/video interactions and Paypal for all transactions whenever possible.

Online Tutoring Fees

  • For both students and teachers it is completely free to register and have a profile on fluentfuture. If a student takes a lesson with a teacher, the student pays the teacher directly, and the teacher keeps 100% of that payment. fluentfuture takes absolutely no charge.

  • Teachers can choose what they would like to charge per hour (from US$ 2 to US$ 100), and students pay teachers directly. We recommend that the payment method used for transactions between students and teachers is Paypal. If you intend to pay with another payment system this needs to be agreed with the teacher before you book a lesson with them.

Teacher Ranking in Search Listings

  • Ranking of teachers on the “People” page is based on received feedback and frequency of online lessons over the website, so teachers who have taught the most lessons will automatically receive better positioning on the search pages.

Cancellation & Rescheduling of Lessons

  • Either the student or teacher can re-schedule/cancel a lesson 48 hours before it is due to start (without affecting there feedback or needing the approval of the other party).
  • If the student or teacher select to re-schedule/cancel within 48 hours of the lesson starting, then the other party has to give approval.
  • The other party has the option to accept or not accept. If they do not accept then other original contract holds. The lesson has to take place at the originally agreed time.
  • For the student, this would mean even if he was unable to attended the lesson and had not given at least 48 hours notice, he would still need to pay the teacher for the lesson.
  • As a teacher, if they do not provide sufficient notice of recheduling / cancellation, the student does not need to pay for the lesson (if it has not taken place) and can leave negative feedback on the teachers profile.
  • Example: A student selects to cancel within 48 hours of the lesson time. A message is sent to the teacher saying that the student has made this request. The teacher has the option to accept or not accept this request.
  • If the teacher accepts then there are no implications for either party. If the teacher does not accept then the lesson still “takes place” at the agree time.
  • Once the lesson time has passed, the student owes the teacher the agreed amount and they are free to leave feedback on each others profiles.