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Username: sarax101
Speaks: English
Learning: Korean, Mandarin, Japanese
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Female
Age: 2011
Country: United States (Eastern Time Zone)  (GMT + 5)
attending high school now
Hobbies & interests:
nice to meet chu ^^
i speak english and i wanna learn korean
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Last login: 09.05.2011
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Korea, Republic of
Korean >> Turkish
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Korean >> English
Korea, Republic of
Korean >> Korean
Korea, Republic of
English >> Korean
Korea, Republic of
Korean >> Arabic
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Rachel_shin Rachel_shin mk82shin@gmail.com We will be good friends ^^
May 04 at 12:12pm
djajaj90 djajaj90 yes i do . search this " djajaj90@yahoo.com" .
April 11 at 06:11pm
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edwinmoreno edwinmoreno hey!, can u teach me english i'm from mexico
March 26 at 03:56pm
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