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mmiah from London
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Username: mmiah
Speaks: English
Learning: Korean
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Country: United Kingdom  (GMT + 0)
City: London
Data Science MSc @ Lancaster Uni
Engineering BEng @ Southampton Uni
Hobbies & interests:
Travelling, Food, Photography, Anime, Sci-Fi
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Last login: 24.12.2017
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skylar skylar Greetings dear, nice to meet you My name is Skylar i saw your profile at fluentfuture.com please write me back my please write me back at skylarjohnson971@gmail.com for proper introduction introduction about myself,i have very important thing to share with you, i waitnyour reply skylarjohnson971@gmail.com
November 06 at 03:17am
mmiah mmiah I travel a lot, enjoy tasting delicious food from around the world, and love making new friends. Let's have a conversation about everyday life and what makes us passionate about being alive :)
November 05 at 02:35am
mmiah mmiah Hey :) I live in the wonderful city on London and am learning Korean.
November 05 at 02:34am
mmiah updated his details
November 04 at 03:54pm
mmiah updated his details
November 04 at 03:15pm