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eriika_ from Porto Alegre
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Username: eriika_
Speaks: Portuguese
Learning: Korean
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Country: Brazil  (GMT - 3)
City: Porto Alegre
I'll be finishing high school this year!
Hobbies & interests:
Horse jumping and dance to kpop music!
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Last login: 26.05.2011
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Korea, Republic of
Korean >> English
Portuguese >> Persian
Korea, Republic of
Filipino >> Korean
Portuguese >> German
eriika_ and E_Mandy are now friends
February 04 at 12:06pm
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February 01 at 04:23pm
Sungjin Sungjin Go Erika! Korean could be hard to learn at first, but it will be very interesting :D Do you like any Kpop siner??
January 28 at 11:09pm
eriika_ eriika_ Brazil had a TV show about kpop music tonight! I'm soo happy! Learning Korean now! Fighting~
January 28 at 08:58pm
eriika_ eriika_ Starting now! Wish I had my oriental alphabet at the PC again~ T_T
January 27 at 07:40am
eriika_ updated her details
January 27 at 07:36am