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SerFeliz from M
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Username: SerFeliz
Speaks: English
Learning: Spanish
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Country: Philippines  (GMT + 8)
City: M
Hobbies & interests:
Education, Language, Culture, People, Nature, Movies, etc.
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added on 06.05.2017
Hola a todos! Estoy estudiando espanol para mi trabajo. Spanish grammar is indeed mentally challenging. I hope you can help me understand when exactly am I going to use the FUTURO SIMPLE and FUTURO PERFECTO. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda!
Last login: 06.05.2017
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javieravargas javieravargas Hola cómo estás ? podemos practicar inglés y español ?
May 22 at 08:30pm
SerFeliz posted a exercise
May 06 at 05:41am
SerFeliz SerFeliz Hello everyone! I am a language teacher. I am here to learn Spanish. Would you like to have a language exchange sometime? :)
May 06 at 05:34am
SerFeliz updated her details
May 06 at 04:54am