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NikGreek from Athens
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Username: NikGreek
Speaks: Greek
Learning: English
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Country: Greece  (GMT + 2)
City: Athens
Hobbies & interests:
travel, gym, cooking
My name is Nikos, 34 years old, I'm Greek
I live and work in beautiful Greece and studying at university Greek open
I would like to improve my bad English
I will be happ
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United States
English >> Greek
NikGreek NikGreek Hi Mohana Here I am :-) I hope to you fine Sorry for the late, I was busy the last time and I can’t answer to your email. If you want to have a communication, you answer to me every time. My name skype is nikosmarko1 Take care..
July 21 at 10:14am
NikGreek NikGreek Good morning John How are you? I hope to find you well Nice to meet you although from the internet I will try to teach Greek, but tell me why do you like the Greek language? Sorry for my bad English, I have starting English language and I try to look only little the google translate Tell me about you if you want... Take care.. Kalimera John (Giani) Ti kaneis? (or Pos eisai?) Xarika poy se gnorizo an kai apo to diadiktio Tha prospathiso na se didaxo Ellinika, alla pes moy giati soy aresei i Elliniki glosa (or ta Ellinika)? Signomi gia ta ashima Aglika moy, eho xekinisei frontistirio Aglikon kai prospatho na vlepo mono ligo to google tranlste. Pes moy sxetika me sena an thes.. Na proseheis. email: nikosmarko1@yahoo.gr
May 14 at 04:56am
Mohana Mohana Hi Nikos. I was wondering if you still wanted people to practice your English with? And maybe I can practice a little Greek with you as I learn? If so, let me know ... :)
May 11 at 09:21am
NikGreek posted a exercise
April 28 at 08:21pm
NikGreek NikGreek Hello everybody!!
April 22 at 10:41am
NikGreek updated his details
November 27 at 12:17pm