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Lisette from Port louis
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Username: Lisette
Speaks: English, French
Learning: Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin
Relationship status: Married
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Country: Mauritius  (GMT + 4)
City: Port louis
Higher school certificate. 3yrs of spanish and 4yrs of Arabic
Hobbies & interests:
Reading. Site seeing. Cerebral sport. Gym workouts. Environmenent. Gardening. Cycling. Close to nature and i do my best to preserve my environment. Ecology. I like to study human behaviours.
Dear friends, my HELP and friendship will be limited only for those who seriously and sincerely want to IMPROVE their language and communication skills. Thus helping me as well. If ever a friend reque
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United Kingdom
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German >> Mandarin
Arabic >> English
Greek >> Greek
Arabic >> English
Saudi Arabia
Arabic >> English
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February 12 at 06:32am
Lisette Lisette si pourquoi pas....
May 28 at 09:07pm
Lisette Lisette Hola a todos..........hello everyone
May 28 at 08:41pm
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May 28 at 08:36am
Mauriciio Mauriciio do you heve skype?
May 28 at 07:49am
Mauriciio Mauriciio hy lisette
May 28 at 07:48am
Lisette Lisette hola Viviana!!!
May 27 at 09:01am
VivianaM VivianaM hola!
May 27 at 08:43am