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ivanyu1981 ivanyu1981 hi there , I'm from Shanghai
August 01 at 01:54am
Chuchofreeman Chuchofreeman Hallo Runa, ich bin Jesus, aber alles nennen mich Chucho. Ich bin ein mexikaner wer Deutsch lernen möchtest. ¿Te gustaría programar alguna sesión por Skype? Busco más que nada practicar mi comunicación oral, tengo experiencia dando clases de Inglés por más de 2 años así que puedo aplicar mis conocimientos para enseñarte gramática del español mexicano, o simplemente para que practiques otra variante del español, la que más hablantes tiene. Bis bald!
July 30 at 09:04pm
silica silica Well people, hope someone will help me about farsi. I'm new here. Thanks
July 30 at 03:29am
silica silica Hello Saveh, my name is Sanya.I live in Belgrade, Serbia and i would like to learn farsi.Hope you'll have a little time to help me.
July 30 at 03:26am
JessiGrace JessiGrace Hi! Im looking to learn Italian and can help with English in return :)
July 29 at 02:12am
Akhil Akhil hello, I am looking for a German tandom partner. Please let me know if you are willing to?
July 27 at 08:51am
Akhil Akhil hello, I am looking for a German tandom partner. Please let me know if you are willing to?
July 27 at 08:51am
nurulkamal nurulkamal Hi, Im from INdonesian as well :) I can speak German, let's speak in German
July 22 at 12:11am
Oscarcg Oscarcg Are you available for German classes? :-)
July 20 at 12:35pm
ahmadmy ahmadmy I am looking for someone to learn/practice Persian. I am fluent in speaking English. My mother tongue is Persian
July 18 at 03:06am
Oscarcg Oscarcg Looking for someone to learn/practice German. My mother' tongue is Spanish, and I speak English fluently too.
July 15 at 09:57pm
ufar ufar Learn and understand Quran with the most suitable teacher in an interesting way. Asslaam o alaikum...... I'm a certified Qari&Hafiz having teaching experience of more than 8 years. I know good English, Arabic and Urdu-Hindi. I'm also well acquainted with the latest tools and techniques used in online teaching and have successfully taught many students from USA,KSA,CA,UK,UAE,PAK and Qatar in the past and still teaching. If you are interested, I can give you the references in person. Meanwhile, you can post your query or fix your schedule for one week of free trail classes by writing me at UFar056/-a-t-/gmail.com Wasslaam HSSMS NOTE: I am Certified from Egypt and Pakistan. You can also get female teachers, as well qualified as I'm, for female students Skype ID:systsyst2 أنا مدرس ممتاز لأبنائك لأنَني حافظ القران الكامل بالتَجويد و علَمت كثيرين من الأطفال والرَجال من بلاد مختلفة في الَلغات مختلفة في الماضي و في الحال أنا أيضا أعلَم الناس بالعربيَة والأنجليزية والأرديَة
July 15 at 03:35pm
mei0527 mei0527 Hi there!! i'm indonesian, i want to learn german. and i'm looking for native german or anyone who can also speak the language.i speak english and I like rammstein :3
July 15 at 08:41am
rohitmehdiratta rohitmehdiratta hey Alex, can you add me somewhere else like skype, line, whatsapp, viber, bbm,etc?
July 14 at 06:54am
Lena-teacher Lena-teacher Hi Kristy! I can help you with English if you want! :)
July 13 at 03:33pm