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Lena-teacher Lena-teacher Hi Kristy! I can help you with English if you want! :)
July 13 at 03:33pm
aggelikikourg aggelikikourg Hello, if you want to learn Greek, contact me!
July 12 at 03:27am
rohitmehdiratta rohitmehdiratta hallo, wie geht es ihnen? how are you? I would like to have someone who can just converse a bit in German with me as I just began learning German and currently in the A1level, so I can help you out with English, Hindi and Punjabi and even little bit German :), so send me a friend request here or add me in Skype @rohitmehdiratta
July 11 at 08:36pm
yrvnreddy yrvnreddy Guten Tag! Hi. I would like to improve my German through medium of communication in English. Any one willing to learn German or English can contact me on skype id: yrvnreddy05....
July 11 at 07:47pm
KristyChan KristyChan Hello everyone! I am Kristy. I want to learn German and English.Welcome anyone who are willing to help me.
July 11 at 08:02am
swapnilmani swapnilmani looking for partner to learn and speak german..
July 11 at 12:39am
swapnilmani swapnilmani Looking for partner to learn and speak german
July 11 at 12:38am
whiplash whiplash hi, would you like to exchange our languages, I can teach you Spanish by your English, add me on Skype: lomba527
July 10 at 11:56pm
whiplash whiplash hi, maybe can I help you with your Spanish and you with my English,add me this is my Skype: lomba527
July 10 at 11:52pm
Alex33 Alex33 Hallo Gabriele! Ja, wir können! :) Aber .. ich bin nicht sicher wie und wo? Weißt du?
July 10 at 11:05pm
gabrielepinha gabrielepinha Hi, Alex, I see you search for a partner to learn German! Same here! Let's try?
July 10 at 12:16pm
nurulkamal nurulkamal hi :)
July 10 at 10:53am
nurulkamal nurulkamal hi, nice to meet you here and hope we can improve our english :)
July 10 at 10:41am
Alex33 Alex33 Hello ! Im learn Germany language too. Im on level A1. Can we try ? :)
July 10 at 06:50am
ping-ping ping-ping Hallo my name is ping ping. I am new user . I want to learn Russian and German. I hope you can help me . Thank u so much .
July 10 at 06:03am