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Sebahive Sebahive Hello dear my name is Faith, well I'm not used to this site. write me through my email (faith200214@gmail.com) For us to know each other better
September 15 at 07:04pm
Kimma2 Kimma2 Let's go to Hello chat room!!
September 15 at 05:58pm
irini-p irini-p Hello, my name is Irene, I am native Greek and interested in learning russian for free. In exchange I teach ancient/modern greek or intermediate english.
September 14 at 03:07pm
Giobbe Giobbe Hi everyone! my name is Giobbe, I am italian and I need someone to practice my german with. In exchange I can help you with your Italian or English too.
September 13 at 04:55am
Jnglish Jnglish Hello my name is James. I would like to learn either indonesian bahasa or Japanese. In return I can teach English which is my job here in Bekasi/Jakarta. Anyone interested?
September 10 at 11:34pm
minoo minoo Hi! my name is Minoo. I'd like to learn the German language. I see that you're learning Persian. Would you be interested for us to be exchange partners?
September 07 at 04:40pm
Danilator Danilator Hi. This is Danilo From Chile. I'd like to help you with your Spanish. I need to practice my English too.
September 07 at 03:26pm
preyaleandrina preyaleandrina hola a todos !!
September 06 at 04:32am
ladidadida ladidadida Hello everybody, I'd like to improve my everyday english. On the other side I can help you learn German. Regards, Stefan
September 05 at 08:50am
Shareef Shareef Koennen wir ein ander bei den Sprachen hilfen?
August 31 at 06:10am
ccnisha ccnisha Hola
August 27 at 10:55am
ccnisha ccnisha Hola
August 27 at 10:55am
yelipao yelipao Hello. Would you like to learn Spanish? I can teach Spanish for all level, flexible scheludules and good prices.
August 26 at 06:07am
Damm Damm Hola, I will help you with your spanish if you want.
August 24 at 09:37am
Shareef Shareef Hello, I would like to practice German, I have studied in English and my native language is Arabic. Hope to get to know you soon.
August 23 at 09:18am