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added by nazir on May 25 at 06:59am
added by Salohiddin on Jul 17 at 09:52am
wanna talk about mystery
added by eblasi on Aug 13 at 11:05am
Como faço para usar o site ? preciso aprender ingles só que achei confuso este site, alguém poderia me dar uma ajuda ???
added by aryan on Feb 27 at 01:56am
please tell me. . .help me out. .
added by ttsuu on Apr 20 at 06:55am
Hello, Nice to meet you, I am a software engineer from China, TTSUU is my text-to-speech software that can read any text in natural-sounding voices(26 voices in variey languages), it can convert text to wav and mp3 with lyrics, check it out here, and hope you you like it. http://www.ttsuu.com/
added by cestel2012 on Apr 22 at 12:17pm
Hello Everybody Nice to meet you I log in in the fluentfuture for learn more about these languages: English, Spanish and Italian. These are the lanuages that I want to speak. I speak Portuguese like a native.
added by NikGreek on Apr 28 at 08:20pm
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