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sergio_pva sergio_pva Hallo! ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern. Ich kann Spanisch bieten. Wenn jemand interessiert ist, melde dich und wir können uns per Skype unterhalten. Ich wohne derzeit in Karlsruhe
October 21 at 05:25am
Castaway254 Castaway254 Looking to learn german if some one wants to learn English
October 19 at 09:38pm
saracsilva saracsilva Hallo moritz. Would you mind teaching me german if i taught you portuguese?
October 19 at 01:44pm
Rodrigo_oliveira Rodrigo_oliveira Hey girl! o/
October 18 at 05:14pm
illwillxd illwillxd Hola
October 12 at 01:54pm
huyenchen huyenchen Hallo!
October 12 at 08:55am
huyenchen huyenchen Hallo!
October 12 at 08:53am
manuelramirez manuelramirez Hi Alegria. I´m Manuel. I´m 42 and spanish engineer working in Tehran. I´m interested in learninig farsi. If you want we can share spanish-farsi.
October 12 at 02:08am
manuelramirez manuelramirez do you want to tearn spanish? Please contact to me
October 12 at 02:00am
Lyn_november Lyn_november Hello~~ Do you like Pho? ^_< I want to learn English, and can help you about Vietnamese. Have a great day~~
October 11 at 12:50am
sanju261991 sanju261991 Hi, I want to learn German. I can speak English and Hindi fluently.
October 10 at 10:13pm
katrinalargo katrinalargo Hi. Do you want to learn english? I can teach you and you can teach me arabic. Hows that?
October 10 at 06:06am
katrinalargo katrinalargo Hi..you can call me andi.. I want to learn arabic..
October 10 at 06:00am
tamerstar tamerstar hello everyone
October 06 at 07:09pm
juliet2014 juliet2014 Greetings to you, my name is Juliet i am writing from www.fluentfuture.com. please can we be friend? if yes write me on ( julietlove2014@yahoo.com ) so that we can know each other better,
October 04 at 02:54pm