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PhoebePW PhoebePW I am a native English speaker learning German, email me ppwest96@gmail.com
February 17 at 09:09am
Mariaalcantaram Mariaalcantaram Hallo Runa! Ich bin Maria, soy de España Andalucía. Ahora mismo estoy viviendo en Berlin y atiendo a clases de alemán pero necesito practicar el hablar. Estas interesada en hacer tandems por Skype? Por cierto tengo 22 años también, y estudie la carrera en Madrid. Schuss!
February 17 at 12:28am
emma88 emma88 HI, Im a native german speaker. Would like to improve my english skills and help you with german :)
February 13 at 11:03am
PhoebePW PhoebePW Hi, I am a native English speaker. I will help you with English if you want. Mein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.
February 12 at 03:42pm
ronimiru ronimiru I sent a request for a lesson on Sunday the 15th at 8 a.m. my time which I think is about 7 p.m. your time, if possible.
February 10 at 10:23am
andrebp andrebp Hello there! I can help you with portuguese (mainly brazilian, but we can try european) in exchange for german (any variety of Hochdeutsch)
February 08 at 09:18am
Elliekelly Elliekelly Hallo :) Ich moechte Arabisch lernen und biete Deutsch an :)
February 07 at 02:51pm
Treeworker Treeworker Hi, I speak german and I am looking for a native speakerto improve my english. I can teach you in german.
February 07 at 11:42am
richardg1 richardg1 Hey guys, I am Chinese and I wish I could find some friends (female preferred) who could teach me English or Japanese, thanks. I can teach you madarin. :)
February 06 at 05:20pm
Chen Chen I speak Chinese und want to learn German. I will be pleasant to receive your apply.
January 30 at 09:01am
Chen Chen Hello
January 30 at 08:59am
sashank sashank Hallo
January 14 at 03:19pm
sashank sashank Hallo...Ich möchte meine deutsch verbessern. Können sie mir hilfen
January 14 at 03:18pm
edcwsx edcwsx hi
January 13 at 10:00am
marcel-1989 marcel-1989 Anyone out there looking to learn some German or English? I am looking to learn Swedish!
January 12 at 11:37pm