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obihjohn obihjohn yea: I am but in need of help and I want to know the Language only to communicate with it:
August 15 at 10:52am
condor condor Hello milici.Im learning German.Do you want to work with me on this?
August 15 at 08:37am
KristyChan KristyChan Hello John, I received your message yesterday. are u learning Chinese now?
August 14 at 02:06am
obihjohn obihjohn i can help you with German
August 13 at 01:53pm
obihjohn obihjohn I cann help you with German and you will help me with Mandarin
August 13 at 01:51pm
Amira Amira if anyone could help me in German and i help they back in Arabic ?
August 13 at 12:42pm
obihjohn obihjohn Who want's to learn German should pm/add me and can offer to teach Chinesse in return..:: Wer Deutsch lernen möchte und kann auch mich Chinesisch lehren, darf mich einfach hinzufügen.. Danke
August 10 at 11:59am
oykum oykum ok. I added you. Do you take my request? Please accept and start to speak! :)
August 09 at 12:42pm
scholar scholar Would you like to start German English tendem with me. I am willing to teach you English language.
August 08 at 10:44pm
scholar scholar We can give 30 mints each language. we can speak some interesting topic like study and life in Ankara etc. beside this also provide 10 new words every time. If you want to start in skype. then please send me request my skype id is: sohaib.nawaz.alvi
August 08 at 10:13pm
oykum oykum Thank you for accepting my request. Yes , we can adjust other details.But I donot know how to continue speaking German together.It is first time to have tandem
August 08 at 01:13pm
scholar scholar Thank you very much for your interest. Would you like to start English German tendem with me. If yes, Please reply me and we would further fix the other details.
August 08 at 08:44am
Jay08 Jay08 Hi, I am new here and looking for someone to learn and practice German Language. I am fluent with Hindi and English. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
August 08 at 08:20am
scholar scholar I am native Urdu speaker and willing to teach you Urdu.
August 06 at 05:01pm
LiruzBlues LiruzBlues Alles gut!
August 06 at 03:57pm