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ahmedmazari ahmedmazari looking for a partener to learn and speak german , l'm fluent in english
August 06 at 06:03am
ahmedmazari ahmedmazari l want to improve my fluency in english l'm an advanced learner
August 06 at 06:01am
Pelin Pelin Hallo, ich mochte Deutch lernen. Kennst du helfen' bitte? Danke.
August 06 at 05:27am
Pelin Pelin Hallo, ich mochte Deutch lernen. Kennst du helfen' bitte? Danke.
August 06 at 05:25am
giannisleon giannisleon Hallo!
August 06 at 05:17am
tassiniina tassiniina the book thief I think it's a nice reading
August 06 at 05:12am
abdelkaderTaza abdelkaderTaza hi
August 06 at 04:45am
yatin yatin hello i really like this idea.....we can do it..
August 06 at 03:46am
lawstudent lawstudent Hello, i want to improve my english, espacially my spoken english. i can help you to improve your german. i would like to start a "book reading prioject": we could choose one book that is translated in english and in german. you would read it in german and i would read it in english. we could help us with the understanding and both took turns reading the text (you in german , i in english). If you are interested write to me with a suggestion what book we can read. I am looking forward to your answers, ich freue mich auf eure antworten!!!
August 05 at 01:38pm
Azer2014 Azer2014 Hi everyone...
August 03 at 07:31am
Azer2014 Azer2014 Hi everyone...
August 03 at 07:30am
ivanyu1981 ivanyu1981 Hi, can you add my SKYPE ID ivan_yu1981
August 01 at 02:01am
ivanyu1981 ivanyu1981 hi there , I'm from Shanghai
August 01 at 01:54am
Chuchofreeman Chuchofreeman Hallo Runa, ich bin Jesus, aber alles nennen mich Chucho. Ich bin ein mexikaner wer Deutsch lernen möchtest. ¿Te gustaría programar alguna sesión por Skype? Busco más que nada practicar mi comunicación oral, tengo experiencia dando clases de Inglés por más de 2 años así que puedo aplicar mis conocimientos para enseñarte gramática del español mexicano, o simplemente para que practiques otra variante del español, la que más hablantes tiene. Bis bald!
July 30 at 09:04pm
silica silica Well people, hope someone will help me about farsi. I'm new here. Thanks
July 30 at 03:29am