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FrutosMarhuenda FrutosMarhuenda I am Biochemistry teacher in Spain and I like to pratice English.
July 04 at 09:39am
uzma49 uzma49 Hi,I am new here. i dont know how to use it. I need a teacher who will correct my English written mistakes.thanks.
June 29 at 12:59am
Varun Varun Hello ,I am Varun .i am learning deutsch, can you please help me with it
June 26 at 01:46pm
bijoponnen bijoponnen I would like to speak out Deutsch....!!
June 25 at 03:34am
meldus meldus Ajoutez moi on se fait un Tandem Franco- Allemand ou Anglais -Allemand
June 24 at 03:45am
jostojoman jostojoman I am iranian(persian) and my yahoo id is jostojoman at yahoo
June 19 at 07:56pm
Alyssa17 Alyssa17 Wanting to learn some tips in my French
June 17 at 09:04am
scastaneda scastaneda I'll help you practice English, if you help me practice Spanish! (:
June 16 at 09:01am
Mohammad-A Mohammad-A I would like to improve my conversation in English.Can you help me.
June 14 at 12:58pm
PHILEMON_EMENIKE PHILEMON_EMENIKE hello , friends l want to exchanged African #picki to language to : German
June 07 at 02:51am
Igna Igna hey! I was looking for someone who was willing to practice their english and I my german
June 06 at 06:40am
kasumaz kasumaz Hi, I need lots more German speaking practise. I speak English and Portuguese also. Please contact me.
June 06 at 02:23am
seetha seetha I would like to improve my conversation in spanish.Can you help me.
June 05 at 08:31am
Igna Igna I am currently trying to become fluent in german because at the moment i sound a bit robotic. I am capable of exchanging with english or romanian.:)
June 05 at 08:12am
Igna Igna Helllo everyone!
June 05 at 08:11am